1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings


Cincinnati Buckeyes

September 29th, 2018 at 1:00pm

The Trophy Ball will be up for grabs once again between clubmates, friends and rivals, the Cincinnati Red Stockings and the Cincinnati Buckeyes.  The Red Stockings have not won this game in several years, but we believe 2018 is the year for us to reclaim the Trophy Ball and it’s bragging rights!  And to help us out, we need as many people as possible to wear their red and cheer on the Stockings!

Base ball is FREE to watch inside Heritage Village (parking requires a Hamilton Co. Parks parking pass or small fee, and admission is required to tour the Heritage Village buildings). Chairs, picnics and cheers for great plays are welcome; however, pets, smoking and obnoxious behavior are not.

Location Heritage Village Museum
Address Cincinnati, OH
Season Red Stockings 2018