1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings


Indianapolis Blues, White River Boys & Hillsdale

July 23rd, 2022 at 11:00am

The Cincinnati Buckeyes & Red Stockings travel to downtown Indianapolis, IN, to take on the Indianapolis Blues, the White River Boys and a nine representing Hillsdale in a few games of 1860’s base ball and townball.  The overall event begins at 11:00am with a game of townball amongst the hosts.  The Red Stockings will open their day with a game of base ball against White River at 12:30pm on Field 1, then a game of townball against the folks of Hillsdale at 1:45 on Field 2, and a game of base ball against the Blues at 3:00pm.  There’ll be an optional game of base ball at 4:15pm for those players who haven’t had enough!

Location The open field just west of Military Park
Address Indianapolis, IN,
Season Red Stockings 2022