1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings


Indianapolis Blues

July 15th, 2023 at 11:00am

A week after playing hosts, the Indianapolis Blues follow the Cincinnati Vintage Base Ball Club back to Heritage Village for some 1869 base ball!  They’ll take on the Red Stockings first at 11:00am, then the Buckeyes at 1:00pm on Dan Lyon Field.

Vintage base ball is FREE to watch at Heritage Village Museum (parking pass/fee may be required by Hamilton Co. Parks, and admission is required to tour the buildings of Heritage Village). Unleashed pets, smoking, and obnoxious behavior are all grounds for removal… while picnics, chairs/blankets, and hearty cheers for great plays by either team are highly encouraged!

Location Dan Lyon Field at Heritage Village Museum
Address Sharonville, OH,
Season Red Stockings 2023