1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings


Various Teams of the 2020 Ohio Cup

Saturday, September 5th at TBD

The Cincinnati Red Stockings make their annual trip to the 2020 Ohio Cup, hosted by the fine men & women of the Ohio Village Muffins at the Ohio History Connection in Columbus, OH.  Here, over a dozen Ohio teams meet over a dozen not-Ohio teams for a few dozens of vintage base ball games on four fields.  It is perhaps the largest vintage base ball festival in the Nation.  This year, as always, the Red Stockings will take on three opponents on the first day of the 2-day event.  The event also features base ball related displays, vintage equipment vendors, concessions and other fun old-fashioned activities, based in the Ohio Village.  Three of the fields are free to spectate, but the main field, the famed Muffin Meadow, requires admission to the Village to access.  It is well worth the price!

Location Ohio History Connection
Address Columbus, OH,